When your ShipCompliant integration is set up Bloom will automatically transmit orders to be checked when placed. Sometimes orders will need to be rechecked, this could be because a shipping address changed or because there was an error in the initial compliance check. This article will outline how the system works and how to manually recheck compliance on an order. 

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How Bloom checks orders

Each time your Shopify store receives an order, the Bloom app sends that information to ShipCompliant. If the order is compliant, the Bloom app will:

  • Note ShipCompliant's response that the order is compliant in the order's Notes
  • Mark the order as compliant under Additional Details
  • Tag the order with "SHIPCOMPLIANT-YES," so it's searchable by you
  • Synchronize the order to ShipCompliant

If the order is not compliant, the Bloom app will:

  • Note ShipCompliant's response in the order notes
  • Mark the order as non-compliant in Additional Details
  • Tag the order with "SHIPCOMPLIANT-NO"
  • Not synchronize the order to ShipCompliant


Manually checking compliance

If an order was non-compliant or had an error and you're able to correct it you can manually recheck the order's compliance. To do that, select "More actions" and then "Recheck compliance." The order will be sent back to ShipCompliant for a compliance check. Typically this can take a few seconds, once the check is complete the new result will be displayed in additional details and another note will populate in the note field.

If you need to recheck multiple orders you can bulk  add the tag "Recheck compliance" to the order. The Bloom app will then run a manual compliance check on the order and remove the tag after re-checking and updating the order's status.


Finding non-compliant orders

To see orders which failed compliance checks, navigate to your Orders in Shopify. Next, filter your orders by the tag "SHIPCOMPLIANT-NO." To save this search, click the Save filters button. Now you can check for non-compliant orders with one click—nice!