The entire suite of AvaTax features are only available for Shopify Plus customers until Shopify provides Avalara support for non-plus stores. See more details below.

1. Configure the Shopify AvaTax app (Plus customers only):

If you are a Shopify Plus store using Shopify's AvaTax app, you'll need to configure that app first, before configuring in Bloom. Make sure you CHECK the "Send documents to AvaTax" checkbox on the Shopify app, as Shopify will be the authority for committing transactions and documents. If you don't turn this on your transactions won't be sent to Avatax and compliance reports won't be accurate. If you plan on using Avalara's tax calculations for web and POS orders you will also need this AvaTax app installed. 


2. Configure Bloom to integrate with your AvaTax account

Bloom provides a much deeper integration into AvaTax than the Shopify app. Shopify provides accurate alcohol tax rates. Bloom provides compliance checks, alcohol taxes for your club orders, and will commit the compliant orders as transaction documents to AvaTax.

Navigate to Bloom/Settings/Integrations and scroll down to the Avalara section. Enter your AvaTax user name and password. Then select your environment. Most sites will use Production unless you want to first test in a sandbox account. Enter your company code, and check the Commit transactions box if you want Bloom to handle sending your documents to AvaTax.

That is it! Now you're fully connected to AvaTax. Your orders will have accurate alcohol taxes, be checked for compliance, and committed for reporting purposes.