You can access saved batches by clicking the main Batches tab in Bloom, then clicking the Saved sub-tab.

If you build a batch but don't complete the entire process, the batch is saved. It can be accessed from the Saved sub-tab in the Batches section of Bloom.

It's very common to build a batch and fully complete the process. These batches will appear in the Processed sub-tab and not in this list. Only batches that haven't been processed, and are being saved for later will appear in Saved.

IMPORTANT: If you have memberships in saved batches, those memberships can't be added to a new batch. You'll need to complete processing on those batches in order to release them for batching.


Step 1: Click the Process button

To begin processing a batch, click the Process button for the batch you want to process. Processing a saved batch should be familiar if you've processed a batch before. The steps are the same, starting with selecting wines, then confirming your orders. 


Step 2: Select wines and confirm shipments

Follow the steps for Create and Process a New Batch beginning at Step 2


Delete a saved batch

Sometimes you'll create a saved batch that you realize isn't what you need. You can delete saved batches and release all memberships for future batching.

1. Click the trash can icon

On the Saved sub-tab, find the batch you want to delete and click the trash can icon next to the Process button.


2. Approve the delete

Then type 'DELETE' in the delete dialog and click the OK button to complete the delete process.