Whether this is your first time or you're an old pro this checklist is here to help ensure your batches go smoothly. 

  1. Check that all products included in the batch for have the correct information
    1. Price, Inventory, and Weight
    2. ShipCompliant Customers
      1. ABV, Container, and Volume
  2. Confirm your shipping rates are correct in Shopify- More Information
  3. If you fulfill orders from multiple locations, check your Fulfillment Priority (Shopify>Settings>Locations)
  4. Look over the wording of your email notifications. (Bloom>Settings>Email)
    1. Successful and Failed payment notifications are important at this stage. 
  5. Check your club level to confirm discount setup (Bloom>Clubs>Levels)
  6. Confirm club shipping setting are correct. 
  7. Check Bloom Batches for any saved batches.
    1. Delete the saved batches you don't plan to use.
  8. Check Bloom for failed payments.
    1. Archive old batches 
  9. Make sure all member's have selections
    1. Check the "Missing Selections" tab under memberships 
    2. If you are batching a customer choice club check the Selections Report to verify members selections and inventory levels 
  10. Review your membership notes and flag memberships you don't want to batch, or need customization
  11. Decide if you want to segment your club batches
    1. Common segmentation includes by shipping, pick up, and special requests etc. 
  12. Run a small test batch (5 members)
    1. After check the order to confirm that everything looks correct.  
  13. Run your full batches