Membership levels in Bloom are where you will fill in most of the important information about your wine clubs. Understanding your membership levels is vital to offering your customers the best possible experience.


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Adding a new membership level

To add a new level, first find the Clubs tab in Bloom. Scroll to the bottom of the level you want to add a level to, and click the Add membership level button. This will take you to a blank edit screen where you can fill in the information for your new club.


Editing an existing membership level

To edit an existing level, click the pencil icon at the top of the club level next to the releases.


Understanding level configuration

Once you have added or selected to edit a club level, you will see a few different fields.

  • Visibility: Specify where you want this membership level to appear.
  • Membership level name: The name of the level as it will appear throughout your store.
  • Description: Describe the benefits of the club level as you would like potential customers to read them.
  • Member Discounts: Here, specify the discount members will receive as Shopify should apply them. You can add multiple levels of discounts to apply to different order quantities.
  • Frequency: How often your customers will receive shipments from this club level.
  • Product types: Choose which Product types to associate with your club level. Product type is a category that you assign for your products in Shopify. This can help to limit the options for your wine club members and keep things organized.
  • Shipping Options: If you would like to use one of Bloom's predefined shipping options, select it here. You can also elect to use your Shopify store's shipping rates. If you need help setting up shipping rates, feel free to contact us.
  • Billing Options: Check this box if you want to collect billing information as soon as a member signs up for this level.
  • Price Note: If you would like to inform your customers about any potential additional charges, add a message here.
  • My Memberships Price Note: This is similar to the previous option, but it will be seen by customers on the My Memberships view in Bloom.
  • Introductory Content: There are two fields in this section:
    • Message: This is the message your customer will see as soon as they click Join. It will appear above the fields for them to fill in their basic information.
    • Intro aside: This message will appear to the right of the form fields on a larger screen, and underneath them on smaller screens.
  • Maximum members: If you would like to put a membership cap on this level, enter it here. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Waiting list: Here, you can put a club level on a waiting list. This may be useful if you want to allow customers to sign up for a club level before it's ready for release, or if you have more customers than wine—a great problem to have.
  • Gift memberships: If you would like to allow customers to purchase this membership for someone else as a gift, check the Allow gift memberships box here and add instructions.
  • Purchase Confirmation Message: This is the message a customer will see after they've completed their purchase.
  • Edit wine options button label: Here, you can set the label text for the button customers will click to add or edit selection options in their membership.