Shopify is the world's leading e-commerce platform for small businesses. The service is unique in that all features are delivered in the cloud. Your winery website comes with everything you need to offer a beautiful, yet secure experience for your customers and members. Other platforms like Wix or SquareSpace are great for simple websites but are far from being robust shopping platforms.

In addition to secure e-commerce, Shopify makes it easy for designers and developers to create their own applications that can extend the features and functionality of your store. Shopify apps will plug right into your store's administrative console for easy access to these additional features. Bloom is one of these apps.

Once installed and configured, Bloom connects your wine club members to a unique Shopify customer record. This allows your club memberships to seamlessly integrate with customer and sales reports in Shopfiy. Your winery products are used when creating wine club shipments keeping your inventory levels up-to-date. Discounts for club members are used for club orders, or when a member purchases wine directly from your website. Taxes are calculated automatically based on where the wine is shipped, and compliance reports can be generated by a combination of customer, shipping, and wine product information. Behind the scenes it's complex, but Bloom has been designed to make managing your clubs and members easy.

If you need a Point of Sale system for your tasting room, the Shopify POS can be downloaded, configured, and ready-to-use in under five minutes. It's beautifully simple interface allows tasting room managers to sell wine to visitors, give discounts to members, and provides access to wine club sign-ups for new members.

To learn more about Shopify and the Shopify POS. Call us with any questions you might have regarding how it all works: 206-595-8185.