The Gallons report totals the gallons and ABV, when applicable, for all of your orders that have been paid for and fulfilled. This is known as wine that as left your bond. The report displays the total gallons equal to and under 14% alcohol by volume, between 14% and 16%, the total gallons over 16% ABV, and the total gallons of wine overall. By default the rows of orders are ordered by date with the most recent order at the top. The grey Totals bar across the top of the table will be the totals for all orders within parameters of the filters. You can use this report for Liquor Control Board and tax reporting.


Add Products Specifications
Before Bloom can track your gallons and ABV, you must add these specifications to your products in Settings: Products.  


Using Reports


1. Create a report for a specific sales type

All orders are given a sales type based on what sales channel the order was generated from, or from the customer's sales type. For example, to view only Retail sales totals, select Retail from the Sales type dropdown. 


2. In-state or out-of-state order reports

Bloom compares the shipping address of each order to your winery's address in Shopify to determine whether an order is an in or out-of-state order. 


3. Display a range of orders based on order creation date

For reporting, you may want to only see orders for the last month or quarter. Use the date range filter to display only the orders you need.


4. Report totals

At the top right of the Reports table will be totals for the columns. The total will inlude ever order within the parameters of the current filters.


5. Gallons per order 

Each row in the report shows the gallons-per-order. Bloom reports on gallons with 14% ABV and under, as well as gallons with over 14% ABV. These numbers are totaled per order.


Update Historical Orders


6. Export your report

Use the more actions drop down to export your filtered view in CSV or XLSX format. Here is an example report in CSV format. 

7. Sync shop metadata

If you are seeing zeros in the Total gallons column, you may need to Sync shop metadata. This process may take some time and will occur behind the scenes. We highly recommend only updating 100 or so orders at a time. Hopefully, you only need to sync a few months back, assuming you've already reported on last quarters sales. Feel free to navigate away from this page after starting the sync. 


Fix an Incorrect Sales Type
If you see an order with incorrect Sales Type data, you can update it before you export your reports. Click on the blue Order number with the incorrect Sales Type and follow the steps to update an order's sales type.