There are times when a member wants to place an order using their saved credit card. If a member comes to the winery for a visit and wants a bottle or two we have made it possible to use their existing membership information within Shopify's order interface. 


1. Create an order

From the member's detail page find the membership with the billing info they would like to use and click Create order, located under each membership.


You can also do this directly from the Memberships tab. Find the customer and membership with the billing info they would like to use and click Create order, to the right of the membership.


2. Select the wine

Use the checkboxes on the left to select the wines. Click Select products when you have the wines selected. You will be able to edit the quantity of each product on the next page. You will now be directed to the the Shopify order page to complete the order.


3. Edit the quantity

To the right of each product you can edit the number of bottles per product. Confirm the wines and quantities are correct.


4. Select fulfillment type

Click Add shipping and select the fulfillment type for this order. 

NOTE  The Shipping Address and Tags for this membership have been imported from the Bloom App. 


5. Save order

Click Save in the upper right hand corner before selecting a payment type. 


6. Select payment type

To pay for the order using the credit card on file for this club membership then click the More Actions drop down and select Pay with saved credit card. This will process the order and return you to Bloom. To pay using any other form of payment please refer to Shopify's instructions on creating a new order


7. View order in Bloom

After the order has been processed you will be redirected back to the member's page within the Bloom app and this order will be the top order under "Recent Orders". Click the order number to view the details.