The integration between Bloom, ShipCompliant, and Shopify is the key to maintaining detailed records for compliance verification and reporting while selling alcohol online. When an order is placed on Shopify, Bloom communicates order details to ShipCompliant, including volume total, customer DOB, and shipping address. ShipCompliant checks the order the and sends the result back to Shopify by way of Bloom. The compliance status of the order is then displayed in two ways; in the “Additional Details” field under the ShipCompliant heading and under the notes field of the order. The order is also tagged with the compliance status - perfect for saved order searches.


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ShipCompliant Notes

When an order has been checked by ShipCompliant the result will be displayed in the notes field of the order. The note will display the time stamp of when the order was checked, a ShipComplaint label and the compliance status as determined by ShipCompliant. This can be especially helpful for orders with compliance errors. Bloom displays the error message generated from ShipCompliant allowing you to address the issue. Some orders can have multiple errors which will all display in the notes field. 

Some example notes: 

  • ShipCompliant: Order is compliant and was committed successfully
  • ShipCompliant: Shipping Zip1 does not match city/state
  • ShipCompliant: Shipments to this region may not include products that are smaller than 750 milliliters for offsite sales. - The item "WhiteWine2021" has a per bottle volume of 375.00 milliliters. This is below the minimum allowed bottle volume of 750 milliliters by 375.00 milliliters


ShipCompliant statuses

Compliant and committed - Good! The order was found to be compliant and was committed to ShipCompliant, no issues.

Not compliant - the order was found to be not compliant, this could be a variety of reasons including not having a license for that particular status, a state rule has not been acknowledged or a volume limit for the customer could be exceeded by the order.

An error occurred - there is something preventing ShipCompliant from completing the check. This could be a product that's not in ShipCompliant or even an incorrect address (mismatch city/zip).

Order does not contain alcohol - the order doesn't contain alcohol so won't  be checked or committed for compliance. 

There isn't a shipping address on this order. Compliance checks were skipped. - This indicates an in-person sale that doesn't involve a shipment.


ShipCompliant tags 

Each order should have one of these tags once checked for compliance:

Bypass Compliance 


Common reasons for ShipCompliant errors 

Brand or product key not found - This error means that ShipCompliant cannot match the product information sent via Bloom with one in its database. You will want to check that the product is in ShipCompliant and that the brand (vendor) and product key (SKU) match in both places. 

An incorrect address - the address was entered incorrectly, typically with zip code and state not matching up. 

Age check failed - the age check features can be picky with the information they can verify  


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