At Bloom, we know everyone handles fulfillment their own way—so we've kept our approach simple. Bloom synchronizes data between ShipCompliant and Shopify in both directions, so you can keep fulfilling orders whichever way you prefer, and we'll handle the rest.

This article explains how Bloom synchronizes updated orders between Shopify and ShipCompliant. To learn how Bloom syncs new orders with ShipCompliant, see the article: Compliance Checks With ShipCompliant


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What gets synchronized?

Here, "fulfillment data" refers to two things: fulfillment status and tracking information. Fulfillment status refers to what stage of fulfillment an order is in (e.g. "In Transit" or "Delivered"). Tracking information refers to the tracking number and carrier used to ship the order.

As part of your initial setup, we should have already matched your Shopify shipping rates to ShipCompliant's carrier codes. If you need your ShipCompliant integration set up, see: Setting Up ShipCompliant Integration.


Synchronizing from ShipCompliant to Shopify

After an order has been sent from Shopify to ShipCompliant, you might add tracking information manually through ShipCompliant, or automatically through an external fulfillment service like a warehouse.

Every five minutes, Bloom checks ShipCompliant for orders that are unfulfilled in Shopify. If any of them are Shipped or Delivered in ShipCompliant, Bloom will sync the fulfillment data to Shopify for you. This way, we ensure that you and your customers always have the most up-to-date information.


Synchronizing from Shopify to ShipCompliant

By default, Bloom sends orders to ShipCompliant as "Sent to fulfillment" with no tracking number. If an order is later fulfilled through Shopify, Bloom updates the fulfillment data in ShipCompliant.


Cancelling fulfillments in Shopify

Sometimes you may need to cancel a fulfillment in Shopify. Don't sweat it—it happens to all of us. If you cancel a fulfillment on a Shopify order, Bloom will detect this, remove the fulfillment data from the order in ShipCompliant, and reset the status to "Sent to fulfillment." Like it never happened.