Membership levels are what your customers join. You might think of levels as clubs since it makes sense to "join a club". You may even name a level something like 'Founder's Club'. That's fine. Bloom is flexible. 

We use levels because some wineries have more complex club structures, that require multiple levels within multiple clubs. The vast majority of our customers will have one club in Bloom, with a handful of membership levels.

You access your membership levels from the Wine Clubs section of Bloom. All of your levels are created as part of your club.

Membership levels contain information like member discounts, shipping frequency, and max number of members, that differentiate it from other levels. 

An example of a level would be:

  • Level Name: Red Wine Only
  • Discount: 10% off bottles, 20% off cases
  • Shipping Frequency: Every three months
  • Max Members: 200

Levels do not include the wine releases members will choose from. That information is set in the Wine Releases section within a level.

Each level does have a unique identifier "Level Id" that you can see on the Wine Clubs tab, next to the edit level icon. The Level Id is a unique name that stays constant regardless of the changes you make to the level. IDs are used when creating tags and discounts in Shopify and can be used in email integrations.


Your members can join one or more memberships in Bloom. So members have memberships. When you're ready to process a level, you'll create a batch of memberships to process and ship.