Most business owners want to incentivize their customers by offering discounts on the products they purchase, particularly if the customer is a club member. Remember that discounts are part of a membership level. All members who join a level will get the same discounts. Some businesses want to offer a higher discount based on the amount of products a customer buys. In this case, you would add an additional discount tier on the membership level.


After setting up the membership discount in Bloom, you need to add the discount in Shopify in order for customers to receive the discount if they are purchasing wine directly through your online store.

Edit a Member Discount:

  1. If you did not add a discount during the membership level set up, find the membership you would like to add a discount to under the Clubs tab in Bloom
  2. Click the Pencil icon next to the membership ID
  3. Scroll down to the Member Discounts section and input the fields below

Fields include:

    1. Code: What you want to title the discount. This is what will appear on customer orders. A typical discount code might be '20% off Club Discount' or similar. If you leave this field empty Bloom will automatically use the Level ID for the discount code.
    2. % Discount: The percentage off. It should be an integer like '20'.
    3. Minimum Quantity: If you require that a minimum number of products need to be purchased before the discount is used, add the minimum quantity in this field. Leave as '0' if there isn't a minimum quantity. 
    4. Add Discount: Click the Add Discount button to a new discount tier by clicking the Add Discount button on the left. This is useful for case discounts.
    5. Delete Discount: Delete a Discount Tier by clicking the red Remove Discount Tier.  Note that you cannot delete the first discount tier.
TIP: If you want to create a different discount for cases (12 or more bottles) create a new discount with a minimum quantity of '12'.
If you have set up cases as a single product, instead of 12 individual bottles, then the minimum quantity would be '1' and not '12'.