Adding a new member is a straightforward process with Bloom but sometimes we can run into errors. Occasionally when adding a new club member into Bloom you experience an error message stating the email or phone number is already in use. While this can sometimes be the case the most common issue we find is there are two Shopify accounts with the overlapping information in them. 

In this article 

How Bloom creates new member profiles 

When you add a new club member, Bloom will take one of the following actions

  1. Bloom creates a new customer account in Shopify for the new member
  2. Bloom matches the new membership with an existing Shopify customer account 

When two Shopify accounts exist with the new members contact information, Bloom cannot decide which to use. Most commonly a phone number is in one account and an email in another. This confusion generates the error message you see. 

How to resolve conflicting Shopify profiles

  1. We want to find all accounts associated with the member's information, starting with the phone number. Using the Shopify search bar, search the phone number and select the account that appears in a new tab.
  2. After finding any accounts using the phone number in question, search for the email address in the Shopify search bar and open the account that appears.
  3. Review all accounts and determine which customer account you’d like to link to the new membership. When there is a profile where the customer has activated an account we recommend using to that profile as the primary account. If no activated account then the profile most recent order history or updated email is recommended. 
  4. Once you've decided which account to use, update that account with the correct email and phone number. You will need to remove the email or phone number from the other account to achieve this. 
  5. If the other account has no order history feel free to delete the account 
  6. Go back to Bloom to create a new membership!