Your products need more information that Shopify provides fields for. That's why Shopify provides a very handy feature called 'Metafields'. With metafields, we can store all kinds of extra information (metadata) about your products. For example, the ABV of your wine. Or saving 'Wholesale' as the sales type on an order created for one of your wholesale customers. Metafields will be necessary for accurate, detailed reporting and integrations with other systems like ShipComplaint or fulfillment systems. 

You can add metadata to your products using the Product Specifications feature in Bloom

1. Go to a product detail view

In Shopify, click on Products, then pick the product you want to add specifications to from the list. When the product detail view loads use the More actions drop-down and select Edit product specifications.


2. Product specifications view

The product specifications view will load. For each product, or for all product variants, you can add metadata for ABV, Volume, and choose Bottle or case. ABV is Alcohol by volume. Volume is the amount of wine based on the unit you select. For instance: 750 would be the volume of a standard bottle because 'ml' is the unit. Select 'bottle' or 'case' for the type of product. Then click Save.

3. Return to the product detail view

After you have successfully saved the product specifications, you can use the back navigation to get back to the original product view.

Now, whenever an order is saved, we can use this data to calculate the volume or ABV of wine sold on an order, to a customer, or shipped to a state. Sweet!