In Shopify, you can assign types to your products. If you were selling clothing, your types might be Shoes, Shirts, Pants, Hats, Belts, etc. For wineries, you'll typically just have a single product type, 'Wine'. If you sell merchandise like wine glasses or hoodies, you may have a type for those. 

Some wineries may want to break out bottles from cases, when a single product in Shopify is a case of wine. It might make sense to have a 'case' type. 

What does assigning a type do? It simply reduces the number of products in your selection list when choosing what products to ship when processing allocations. For example, if you have a membership level called 'Red Wines Only' you might want to select only the 'Red Wines' type for this level. Then, you won't accidentally select white wines when creating your batch for processing. It simply reduces the risk of selecting the wrong product and limits the number of products you can select when building a batch.

You can add multiple types if needed by clicking the Add Type button. You can also delete types by clicking the Remove Type link

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