On occasion, saved credit card payments will fail when processed through Bloom. The reason they fail is because the bank associated with the card denies the charge, or there is an error Here are some specific errors and declines:

  1. The name on the order doesn't match the name on the card
  2. Card has expired
  3. The card account doesn't exist or has been closed
  4. The card is flagged as stolen
  5. Insufficient funds in the account

If a payment fails, don't worry. Bloom can automatically send the member an email if their card is declined if you've configured email settings to send. Then, you can easily reprocess the payment after the card information has been updated. Here's how:

  1. Click the Batches Tab
  2. Click on the Processed Batches sub tab
  3. follow the instructions from step 2 of failed payments

Note: Memberships with a failed transaction can't be placed into a new batch. Simply delete the failed payment by clicking the trash can icon next to the Reprocess button. That will delete the failed payment and allow the membership to be batched in the future.

We highly recommend calling customers to get their most recent billing information. We've found that the majority of members don't respond to emails.