We take credit card and personal information very seriously. Both Shopify and Authorize.net do as well, which is why we've decided to use those platforms for Bloom.

Shopify and customer information:

  1. Shopify does not store credit cards. What?? That's right. Since Shopify doesn't support recurring payments it doesn't make sense for them to take on the overhead of credit card storage.
  2. If your customers purchase wine or merchandise from your website, they will have to enter their credit card info every time they place an order, even if they are a club member. Remember, only a small percentage of your purchases are directly from your website. The majority of your orders will be created from wine club or POS purchases. 
  3. Shopify does store other customer information, including their name, email, and addresses, plus their email marketing preference. 

Authorize.net and customer information: Authorize.net is the payment gateway we use for Bloom. It allows us to store customers credit cards using 2048-bit RSA keys, which means the data they retain is practically impossible to decrypt. They take credit card security to an extreme.
  1. When a membership is created the member's credit card is stored in Authorize.net as a profile in the Customer Information Manager
  2. Credit Cards are then used each time wine clubs are processed
  3. Members can log into Bloom and update their billing and credit card information. The data is sent to Authorize.net in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.