Shipping configurations are located in Shopify: Settings/Shipping. Detailed help can be found in Shopify's help manual.

What you should know about shipping and Bloom:

  1. In Bloom, wine can be picked up at your winery, or be shipped to the customer. If members are picking up their wines, the shipping address will be the address you've included in your pick-up locations
  2. Memberships can offer free shipping, or use the shipping rules used by your Shopify store. These settings are located in Bloom's Membership Level configuration.
  3. Shipping rules can be configured by the weight of the order, or by the price of the order. For wineries, we almost always use weight-based shipping. Your shipping rules will be configured by your Bloom support team. Call us if you need help getting your rules set up.
  4. Wineries who choose the Advanced Shopify plan have the option to have shipping rates calculated by your shipping carrier.