Discounts are an important element of most wine clubs. Typically, members will receive discounts that range between 10% - 20% off all purchases. Bloom integrates with Shopify's discount code features. 

Discount codes are somewhat complex, in that you can have many different types of discounts for different use cases. For instance:

  1. Different discounts just for members that can apply to all purchases or specific purchases. 
  2. Discounts for specific products
  3. Spend more than $X then get $Y discount.
  4. Applying discounts automatically if you are logged in (we know who you are based on login) vs. requiring customers to enter a discount code.
  5. Free Shipping if a customer purchases a specific bottle of wine.
  6. And there are many more. 
Your Bloom support team will set up discounts for you, and contact us if you need assistance setting up new discounts. 
Overview of how club member discounts work
Club members are a specific group of customers, who have elected to join a membership level. The way Bloom keeps track of what customers are in what club is by using tags in Shopify. Tags are a powerful tool if used correctly, that allow you to search/sort/organize products and customers. 
All club members are tagged with their club level ID, which will look like:
CLUB-LEVEL-111111, where the last 6 digits are a unique number that only a single club will ever use. 
In Shopify, discount codes are created for customers who are tagged with each club ID. These codes need to be set up manually for each club level. When setting up these discount codes in Shopify, it's important that you have already created the membership level in Bloom, and that customers are already tagged correctly. The tagging happens when your members are imported into Bloom. 
When you create a member discount in Shopify simply create it using the 'customer in group' option and select the the appropriate club level ID from the 'applies to' list. In the above screenshot, we're creating a 10% off discount for all customers in the group 'CLUB-LEVEL-111113'.