If you're a winery, then you are likely aware of all the different wine club software options out there. VinSuite, WineDirect, OrderPort, VineSpring, VinesOS... They are all essentially the same thing — complex e-commerce solutions that require you to be locked into their closed system. Think about it for a moment. These small companies need to maintain a massively complicated software stack, that includes products, inventory, shopping carts, secure payments, customers, inventory, orders, fulfillment, marketing tools, and much more. After 25 years of developing software, I can say with confidence that maintaining software this complex requires a massive team. Something has to give, which is usually support, or worse, lack of innovation.    

Bloom decided to take a very different approach. We use Shopify for all e-commerce features and Shopify POS for a fully-integrated retail solution. If you need to extend your store's functionality, you use Shopify Apps. You get loyalty programs, event planning, product reviews, referral programs, accounting integration, and much more.

Let's think about this again... since Shopify takes care of the e-commerce platform, our team has very little software to build and maintain. Shopify, and it's amazing app ecosystem, takes care of all the heavy lifting, including APIs and support. 

Bloom can then focus on what is most important: incredible winery website design and customer experiences, top-notch photography, digital marketing strategies, and focusing on helping wineries grow. 

A core component of our offering is the Bloom Shopify App. Wineries use the Bloom app to easily set up clubs and manage memberships. Once installed, wine club options appear on your Shopify site instantly, without the need to configure or update your theme. It just magically works, and new members can begin signing up immediately. Included in the app are three core integrations: ShipCompliant, MailChimp, and a WineDirect customer importer. Plus, you get extra wine-specific reporting, and product specifications. 

Our customers are just as forward-thinking as the Bloom team. We aren't wanting to sign up as many wineries as possible. Instead, we are only working with wineries that understand the value of great design, modern marketing tactics, and are looking for more than just software.

Selling wine has never been easier. Seriously.

Learn more at www.bloom.wine.