If needed you can create multiple clubs. Remember, members join club levels, not the club itself. Each club has a unique URL and landing page.

Before creating a new club, make sure you really need one. Ask yourself, “Am I creating something I want members to join?” If the answer is “Yes” then you should strongly consider added in a new club level. Here are some good reasons you might want to create a new club:

  1. You offer seasonal offerings, like a Summer Rosé Club, that you want to turn on for a short period of time.
  2. For marketing purposes, you need to set up a ‘hidden’ club that needs a unique landing page that customers can only access from a link in an email.
  3. Your wine club has too many club levels because you offer so many different options. Consider consolidating similar levels into their own clubs.

Create a club

To create a new club:

  1. Navigate to the Clubs tab in Bloom and click the Create Club button in the top right of the page, above your club levels.
  2. Name your club. This name will appear at the top of your new club landing page.
  3. Give your club a unique web address (handle). Use lowercase letters or number, and dashes for spaces or special characters.
    Example: my-new-club

    If you only have one club, you don’t need to add a web address. We will automatically create your club at /apps/wine-club/. If you have more than one club, then you need a different URL for each of your clubs, since they have separate landing pages.

  4. Next, your new club needs an image and description. These will appear on your club landing page, below the club name. Select an image and give your club a description. The description is typically a one-paragraph description, and possibly a bulleted list general benefits.
  5. Member-only content that your members will appear on your members My Memberships page. This is often used for announcements or links to member-only products.

After your new club is created, enter the web address into your browser and check that it looks like you expect. Next, you need to add club levels to your new club. You’ll find the Edit club and Add a club level under your new club on the main Clubs tab in Bloom.