When you load Bloom's Reports tab, you'll see an option for Selections. This report gives you a view into how many selections have been made by your members. 

Remember, winery choice club levels have general options, like "Reds Only". So, you won't see product selections for your winery choice members. Customer choice club levels will display the wines selected in those levels. 

Filter your report by membership status. Or filter the data by clicking on the table headers. This can be helpful to sort the selections data by most selected if you click "Current selections". 

Export your data by clicking the Export link. 



View memberships

For any selection row, you can view all the memberships that have made that selection. Just click the View memberships button. This will load the membership listing. Again, you can filter by membership status or sort by Quantity by clicking the Quantity table header. This can be helpful if you want to quickly find the members with the most number of selections. 

Click in the member name to load that membership detail view. This is helpful if you want to edit their selections before batching.