Tax overrides in Bloom are a helpful way to make sure you're charging the correct taxes on your batch orders. In some situations you might want to override the automatic tax calculation options offered by Bloom. Utilizing the tax override feature in Bloom will allow you to capture a flat tax rate for specific states or provinces. 


Adding a new tax override

Tax overrides can be found in the Settings tab of Bloom, towards the bottom of the Billing & Tax section. To add a new override, click the Add tax rate override button at the bottom of the section. There are five fields to fill in:

  • Tax name: For your own reference, give the tax override a name.
  • Country: The country the override should apply to.
  • State/province: If applicable, the state or province where you want to apply the override.
  • Tax rate: The actual tax rate, in percentage points.
  • Applies to: Here, choose the types of products the tax override should apply to. Your options are:
    • All products
    • Alcohol products
    • Alcohol and shipping
    • Non alcohol products
    • Non alcohol and shipping
    • Shipping only
    • Everything

Once you have made the desired additions or edits, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.