Our team has spent over three years developing and improving how Bloom and ShipComplaint communicate. We're proud to be a ShipCompliant Platinum Certified Partner, which means our ShipCompliant integration is the best you can get. Here you will learn how our ShipCompliant integration works, and how to get it configured for your shop.

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How the integration works

Bloom needs to match your products' unique attributes between both Shopify and ShipCompliant. If they don't you'll get unexpected results. Bloom compares the product's ShipCompliant Product Key and the ShipComplaint Brand Key. If there is a match, then the product's ABV and Volume will be used when the order is checked for compliance and committed. Note, if you don't have a ShipCompliant Product Key, we will use the SKU on the Shopify product. When orders are created using those synced products a few things happen to that order:

  1. Bloom sends the order data to ShipCompliant to check to see if the order is compliant to ship to the provided shipping address. Note, we send all orders, including pickup orders to ShipCompliant for reporting purposes. 
  2. If the order is not compliant, the Shopify order is tagged with "SHIPCOMPLIANT-NO", a compliance note is added to the order, and the order is not committed to ShipCompliant. 
  3. If the order is compliant, the Shopify order is tagged with "SHIPCOMPLIANT-YES", a compliance note is added to the order, and the order is committed to ShipCompliant.
  4. Once the order is committed, Bloom then listens for changes to the committed ShipCompliant order. If the committed order in ShipComplaint has its shipping status changed, or if it receives a tracking number, then Bloom will update the order in Shopify with the appropriate fulfillment status and tracking information for that shipment. 


Setting up integration

Setting up your integration is simple and easy. All we need is access to your ShipCompliant account through a Web Service User. We'll do the heavy lifting for you.

Setting Up ShipCompliant Integration


Synchronizing products

It is important that Shopify and ShipCompliant agree on the product's details, and they are connected between the systems. Once connected, Bloom has the ability to synchronize changes to your product specs between Shopify and ShipCompliant, both ways. You just need to make sure the product SKU and ShipCompliant Brand Keys match.

Syncing Products With ShipCompliant


Checking compliance

We've designed Bloom's compliance checks to be as simple and effective as possible. If an order is not compliant you'll see it loud and clear in the order details without needing to check ShipCompliant. 

Using Shopify's tag system, Bloom lets you easily list your non-compliant orders and put out fires before they start. To make this process even easier for you, the Bloom app will put ShipCompliant's response to the order right in Shopify's order notes.

Compliance checks with ShipCompliant


Synchronizing fulfillments

Like your products, keeping shipping information up-to-date in both systems is all handled by Bloom. Don't worry—we've got you covered both ways.

If you fulfill an order through Shopify, Bloom will copy the data to ShipCompliant. If your fulfillment system integrates with ShipCompliant, Bloom will copy that fulfillment data into Shopify. Even canceling a fulfillment is as easy as it gets. A single click clears the data from both platforms. Everything in Bloom is built for one purpose: saving you time so you can do less struggling with your software and do more selling to your customers. Remember, it's not software...It's Bloom.

Fulfillments with ShipCompliant


ShipCompliant Statuses Explained

The integration between Bloom, ShipCompliant, and Shopify is the key to maintaining detailed records for compliance verification. The compliance status of the order is then displayed in three ways. First, you'll see messages Bloom receives from ShipComplaint in the Order notes field. Second, Bloom will add values in the Additional details fields, for the Compliance check status and Shipment status. Finally, the order is also tagged with the compliance status - perfect for saved order searches.

ShipCompliant Statuses Explained